Snap Inc. has announced its new slate of Snap Originals, the company’s premium, made-for-mobile shows created exclusively for Snapchat’s audience. Snap’s new shows will begin airing this fall on Snapchat’s Discover page, the industry’s leading made-for-mobile vertical video platform.



Snap Originals are reflective of its community’s diverse voices, experiences, and passions, as well as Snap’s commitment to the emotional and social well-being of its audience.

New series include a range of genres, including character-driven docuseries, unscripted shows, and serialized scripted dramas, thrillers, comedies and more.

Snap is partnering with some of the industry’s next and best creators to continue to define mobile storytelling, including Paul Feig’s Powderkeg, Complex, Sirens Media, and Leftfield Pictures. In addition, musician Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) will serve as producer and music supervisor, bringing new music to the new scripted series “Everything's Fine.”

Snap launched Discover in January 2015 as a place for Snapchatters to explore premium content from a select group of trusted media companies and storytellers. Rooted in the creativity of its community and facilitated by the unique power of the Snapchat camera, Discover pioneered the first Story format and soon followed with the first vertical video content orientation now being adopted by other platforms.

Today, Discover features mobile magazines (called Publisher Stories), Our Stories (coverage of news, live events, and trends curated from publicly submitted Snaps), and Shows from hundreds of creative partners around the world.

Snap unveiled its first original show, Good Luck America, in January 2016 and its first slate of serialized Snap Originals in October 2018.

Snap Originals are made for the unique behaviors of mobile. Each episode averages five minutes in length and brands can purchase Commercials within these shows, Snap's six-second, non-skippable ad format. Snap recently announced new video ad features for advertisers, including the ability to add swipe up actions to Commercials. In Snap Ads, advertisers can now optimize for 15-second video views and the duration of skippable Snap Ads is increasing to a max of 180 seconds. These improvements provide advertisers with an easy-to-use, robust set of options to more efficiently reach Snapchat audiences.

Over the past year, the time spent watching Shows has more than tripled and the total daily time spent by Snapchatters watching Discover increased by over 60 percent, while the number of daily viewers has grown by 35 percent. In the U.S., Snapchat reaches 90 percent of all 13-24 year-olds and 75 percent of all 13-34 year-olds.

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