Words by Zack Anthony


Carla Wehbe is a true creative by definition.   She's is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, with her fingerprints all over everything she creates.

She is also a hugely talented photographer and videographer and recently directed and shot the video for her very own ‘Love Me For Me’ as well as directed, shot and edited the clip for Sarah Wolfe’s latest single ‘I’ll Never Be Happy Again’.



Carla recently featured in Lime Cordiale’s collaborative campaign for Wrangler and in Double Rainbouu’s most recent campaign.

Today, Wehbe releases her highly anticipated EP "Half Past Nine" which explores themes of love (for others and self), the beauty (and ugliness) of human connection and the vulnerability of living out your own truth.  

The EP highlights Carla’s signature sound - a seamless merging of current pop melodies with an edgy 80’s nostalgia.  So far this year we’ve been treated to ‘Don’t Tell Me’ and current single ‘Love Me For Me’ - the video for which was creatively directed by Carla.  The inspiration for the video was born from Carla’s very own experiences and desire to shine a light on the complexity of the human condition.



I recently caught up with Carla to gain some very important insights....

10 things to do at half past nine

  1. Sleep - I’m a grandma sometimes (or all the time) 
  2. Play Pokemon Stadium on N64 
  3. Eat cereal and watch old VHS movies
  4. Make the mistake of reading through an exes texts 
  5. Come up with a great excuse as to why you have to bail on plans you wish you never agreed to in the first place
  6. Watch Friends 
  7. Maccas drivethru
  8. Think about how you got gas-lighted
  9. Listen to ‘Half Past Nine’
  10. Listen to ‘Half Past Nine’ while you think about how you got gas-lighted

Check out "Half Past Nine" and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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