Words by Keane Fletcher

We made it through another week folks, and to celebrate we've got some new music to throw at your ear holes!

Introducing psychedelic alt-rock superstars Sky City Gold who's official debut single 'The Crown' -- with its infectious combo of soupy vocals, neon guitar and kick-punch percussion -- should be the latest addition to your late night party playlists. Says Sky City Gold of the track:

'The Crown' is not a real crown, it is a first class ticket on board Sky City Gold to a Space Age paradise. It is the crown a working class Princess Diana would wear dressed up in leathers at a illegal warehouse party in the 90’s doing bumps with Blondie yelling ‘fuck colonialism’ while dating a break dancing Jesus. The crown is not a real crown. It is a cult. Hear the song. Be the song. Now you are beginning your journey.

Composed of Beatrice Lewis (Haiku Hands), Joel Ma (Joelistics), Thomas Mitchell, and David Williams, the Melbourne based outfit specialise in music for intrepid minds with a punk energy, and to celebrate their explosion onto the national music scene we've got an EXCLUSIVE 10 Things You Didn't Know about Sky City Gold to get you all caught up on your new musical obsession! Check it out below!

10 Things To Know About Sky City Gold 

1. Sky City Gold all met at a 12 step therapy support program for simulation fatigue.

2. The chances of waking up from a dream state inside the body of a member of Sky City Gold is doubled during a full moon.

3. The singer Beatrice Lewis is the only person in Brunswick to be legally registered with two hearts - One natural, the other transplanted from a unicorn.

4. The keyboard player Joel Ma once bid on a synthesiser on Ebay that was built from dolphin bones and volcanic ash.

5. The bass player Dave lives in a house haunted by the ghost of Mozart.

6. The drummer Thom is actually 12 feet tall.

7. There are such things as cats.

8- Many bands choose to play music, Sky City Gold have opted instead to play Yahtzee.

9. Sky city gold was once called Go Sky. They changed their name as everyone thought they were saying ‘Ghost Guy’.

10. Sky city gold first all met at Rainbow Serpent festival in 2008. None of them have any memory of this.

With an extensive body of work waiting in the wings, Sky City Gold are also set to tour nationally for the first time this March and April, as well as supporting Georgia Maq for Melbourne Music Week in May. Check out their tour dates below! And go stream 'The Crown' now wherever you listen to great music!


Thursday 7 April - Studio 56 @ Miami Marketta, Gold Coast, QLD - TIX *
Friday 8 April - The Zoo, Brisbane, QLD - TIX *
Thursday 14 April - The Eastern, Ballarat, VIC - TIX *
Friday 15 April - Barwon Club, Geelong, VIC - TIX *
Saturday 16 April - Howler, Melbourne, VIC - TIX *
Friday 29 April - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, NSW - TIX *
Saturday 30 April - UC Hub, Canberra, ACT - TIX *
Friday 20 May - Melbourne Museum, Melbourne, VIC - TIX #
# Supporting Georgia Maq for Melbourne Music Week 
* Performing as special guest for Children Collide

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