Words by Emma Miller


Maia, otherwise known as mxmtoon, dives into the podcasting world again. This singer/songwriter/video maker/ukulele player and dreamer has expanded her artistic career to incorporate something new. Last year, she released the popular podcast 21 days with mxmtoon. So, starting soon – on September 14 to be exact! – Maia will be releasing 365 days with mxmtoon on Spotify.


Listen to the Podcast trailer HERE

In Maia’s podcast introduction, she explains she is a ‘huge history nerd’ and will be sharing some of her favourite deep cuts. She will speak about the ‘untold stories, gross facts, hidden secrets and anything weird, dark or funky from the past’. She says …


‘We’ll be digging into sports beefs, beauty pageants scandals, music right fights, apocalyptic near misses, revolutionary wars and my personal favourites – surprised billboard hits that launched unknown artists into musical stardom.’


Maia will also share her personal history with her listeners, like the time she interacted with Andy Samberg on Twitter. Cool, right?


Maia is a strong activist, speaking openly on Twitter and TikTok about her passions surrounding Black Lives Matter and empowering the LGTBQ+ community. The artist has also been openly vocal about her opposing beliefs with the Trump Administration. She states …


‘If 2020 has proved anything, it's that the world can keep throwing things at you even when it's already crazy and horrible. Speaking out on issues I believe in has always been incredibly important to me, especially in this time where being proactive is more important than ever. It's about fighting for the issues that are really important and doing what we can for the world.’


Photo by Blythe Thomas


Mxmtoon is most known for her hits ‘Falling for U’ and ‘Prom Dress’. Her soft, smooth voice and light, fresh tunes are the perfect combination to leave you feeling as though you’re floating amongst the clouds.


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