After the huge success of their 2018 releases “Capricorn” and “Lovely”, gentle Adelaide quartet Pinkish Blu are back with another dream-pop track, “Superstar”.

Featuring their signature 80’s synth-sound and moody, vocals, the track slips on the rose-coloured glasses to ruminate on the smaller moments of beauty you notice while in love with someone.

An appreciation of the way love seeps into every facet of life, brightening every corner, “Superstar” paints it’s own world for the listener,  combining an 80s snare and 90s guitar tones with a modern pop hook. 

“I guess I wanted to talk about what love can be without being mushy and sappy; I didn’t want to go to that place of weakness, I wanted to go to a place of wonder and intrigue,” said Brice, the band’s lead singer. “For instance, when you really feel love, the sky may seem more blue, and the smell of rain might make you hungry… Love can really enhance the part of us that has brought the world all of its weird and wonderful art.”

Joyful and heart-wrenching, the song’s accompanying music video feels like a hazy, romantic window into a youthful relationship.


Fans will also be able to catch Pinkish Blu live for the first time after their break, as they have just announced a national tour with dates in August and September, including an appearance at the iconic King Street Crawl in Sydney.