Image by Jess Farran
Words by Peter Cates

Gus Dapperton has begun a new chapter in his life as he reflects on past tribulations with “First Aid.”

Having broken onto the scene in 2016 with tracks like “Prune, You Talk Funny” and the dreamy “I’m Just Snacking”, Gus has had his music touch all corners of the world, featured in the iconic series 13 Reasons Why and lending his vocals to the current Tik Tok craze “Supalonely” by Benee.

But “First Aid” is unlike what we’ve heard from Gus before. The strum of acoustic guitar and the sincere, deep melody and sentiment – “Sorry about my head, it’s not here” – set up this honest confessional that we’ve all faced once in our lives. Gus touches on the internal pain and social distancing of depression, where you’ve isolated yourself those you need the most.

Maturity and growth ring true here just like the track does sonically. Gus is opening up beyond the love songs he does so well, showcasing the complicated development of a man and an appreciation of the support around him, all the while remaining uplifting and hopeful. Gus is assisted by the harmonies of his sister Amadelle, someone he says helped him overcome this pain.

Turning the page and writing a new narrative begins by acknowledging how volatile the current situation is. “First Aid” is the first step.