Words by Keane Fletcher

Teenage wunderkind Alfie Templeman is back with an energetic new single and video '3D Feelings', an exploration of the emotional past. Says Templeman:

[It's] is about being reminded of your past self in different ways. Whether it’s objects or people, these are all things we feel a deja vu experience from. We get reminded of feelings we once felt through them, and those feelings just hit you and can’t be controlled. It can be a comforting experience, or a painful one, but either way it takes you back immediately to that feeling you once felt and that can be so powerful.


Produced with Will Bloomfield and Vaccines’ frontman Justin Young, '3D Feelings' marks the first collaboration since Templeman's effervescent 2020 single ‘Happiness In Liquid Form’, and has already been named as Clara Amfo’s Hottest Record in the World on BBC Radio 1; Templeman’s fifth consecutive Hottest Record. Fresh, bold, youthful and inventive, the song continues Templeman's reign as the teenage icon of his generation.

And we even get a fresh new video to go with it! Featuring Templeman playing a variety of musical instruments while slinking around his loungeroom-cum-studio the video is the perfect showcase for Templeman's multi-skilled approach to music making, equal parts DIY and painstakingly polished. Check it out below! And go stream '3D Feelings' now on all good streaming platforms!

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