Words by Michaela Nolan


Brisbane-based artist and producer, Lemonade Baby, has recently dropped his latest track, ‘would you be friends with me’. With a mix of dance, indie, electronic, and pop, ‘would you be friends with me’ is a feel-good bop worthy of your summer party playlist.



Lemonade Baby collaborates and develops Australia’s best music to transform it into something fresh and uniquely him. You may have already heard his earlier single, ‘SUPER GLUE’, but if not, check it out asap at triple J unearthed. With more in store, we’re excited to see what Lemonade Baby will release next.


We caught up with Lemonade Baby to chat all things music.  Check out our interview below.


Firstly, how’d you come up with the name Lemonade Baby? Surely there’s a good story behind it!

Funny enough, the name came out from saying “come on! but it’s lemonade, baby…” to my fiancé whilst in a supermarket. Then eventually it just evolved into Lemonade Baby. But to be fair, I’m a big fan of lemonade and I was also looking for a new name at the time, so it just became a thing. 


How did you first get into music? What’s your backstory?

I was introduced to a music-making program, thanks to my friend, when I was 13 called ‘Beatcraft’. Then shortly after I found ‘Fl Studio’ and was amazed that I could just “make songs” at home rather than in a big studio and with a band. And I’m still doing it all these years later. 


Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations?

I have a broad taste in music so I’m inspired by a lot of different styles. But I’m a HUGE ‘Prince’ fan and I’ve been mad inspired by PNAU, Empire of the Sun, Bob Dylan, DEVO, MF DOOM, Kanye, Gary Numan, Alton Ellis, and the list will go on forever, so I’ll leave it with those.


Tell us more about your latest single, ‘would you be friends with me’. How did it come together?

So! I was in the studio with Afnan (Producer known as the ‘The_Chief’) just hanging out and then he came up with some chords then I programmed some drums and before I knew it I was on the mic then after a few hours we had a rough demo of the song. it was written quickly but I got distracted by other projects only to revisit it a year later. I’m happy it's out now. 


What are you currently working on? Any set dates for the next release?

I’m currently prepping my next release for late September with my friend ‘Aerborn’, and the song is called ‘my baby, don’t forget me’. I’ve also got a song coming out with a guy from Adelaide called ‘Lusyv’ which is super dope coming out on the 18th of September. In short, there is ALOT about to happen, so keen!

Who would you absolutely LOVE to collab with?

If I’m aiming high Tyler the Creator would be it. However, there are a lot of people in that list…


What’s something hardly anyone knows about you? 

I’m left-handed.


Anything else you’d like to add?

I like that coriander tastes like soap … and go stream ‘would you be friends with me’ please and thank you.

To keep up to date with lemonade Baby, follow him on Insta and Spotify.