Words by Michaela Nolan


The late Harry Hains, also known as ANTIBOY, had his latest single ‘BANG BANG’ recently released by his family. The LA-based actor, model, and musician passed earlier this year but has left us with a transformational single and soon-to-be-released EP, A Glitch in Paradise. With immense support from fans and media over the world, ANTIBOY’s forthcoming EP A Glitch in Paradise is highly anticipated for release later this year.


Originally inspired by Nancy Sinatra’s ‘Bang Bang’, ANTIBOY reinvented the classic as an LGBTIQ-inspired song, transforming the complex story with an entirely refreshed perspective. Check it out below.



With a mix of techno and dubstep, ANTIBOY’s latest single immerses listeners into Harry’s mind—or vision—of the future. A future where social constructs, labels, and judgment no longer exist. A future with the convergence of art, music, and games intertwine. Harry described his stage name, ANTIBOY, as a genderless robotic character who lives free from stereotypes, prejudices, and toxicity. A character that lives in a utopia where humans and machines co-exist. ANTIBOY reveals Harry’s own perspective of what the future of the world may look like.


ANTIBOY represents the idea that most things that we are taught to believe in are an illusion. The idea of gender, sexuality and race are social constructs. ANTIBOY is this place of true equality. The surface doesn’t really matter anymore. It’s really who we are … that’s what matters – the amalgamation of our memories and experiences. We are one human consciousness.”  – Harry Hains


Harry’s unique perspective and creativity began in his early childhood. Growing up in Melbourne, Harry creatively explored horror films on his camcorder, dabbled in short stories, and wrote poems inspired by Sylvia Plath and E. E. Cummings. He later moved to London to pursue modeling, and eventually put roots down in LA, where he dived head-first into acting and music.



Although Harry may no longer be here—his music is—and forever will be. His perspective and hopes for humanity's future are not only etched in the history books but engraved in our minds forever. As we anxiously anticipate the release of ANTIBOY’s EP A Glitch in Paradise, let us reflect on Harry’s ideology …


“If there’s something you want that doesn’t exist out there in the world, then be the one to first create it.”