Words by Zack Curran
Artwork by Tristan Tait


Isolation has been a struggle for sure, but one of the perks is that there is suddenly a lot more time to finish off some of those creative projects that have been on the shelf for a while.


Brothers Luke and George Arnold had the idea to interview their Uncle Lance after playing video games for the first time a few years ago.  Lance, who was recovering from a double knee replacement was going crazy not being able to leave the couch.  So, the boys organized for Lance to play a bunch of computer games and then later interviewed him in the woolshed in the backyard of their family home.



The resulting web series, Level Up Lance is hilarious.  Lance hadn't played a video game since Pong so his learning curve was pretty steep.  Before long he settled into the groove of his first game, Fallout 4, and couldn't wait to get stuck into more.



George and Luke, both experienced filmmakers have gone all out with the series.  There is a killer intro with animations by Melbourne Illustrator Tristan Tate and the episodes are professionally produced and cut together with scenarios from the games.  The eps come in under 10 mins and are the perfect bite-sized review.



Uncle Lance is possibly the most adorable man on YouTube today.  Whether you're into games or not at all, sitting down with Luke & Lance is a funny and heartwarming experience, and we all need a bit of that right now.  Get into it.

New eps are dropping weekly.