Adelaide based rocker Beau Lightning has released his much anticipated EP, “The Birth of an Alter Ego”.

After bursting onto the scene with his first release “Last Night”, Lightning’s psychedelic-rock edge and artistic crafting of vivid worlds have carefully defined each of his releases.

“The Birth of an Alter Ego” displays the multi-layered, purposeful curation of Lightning’s sound and aesthetic. 

With each track of the EP, Lightning has created rousing pieces of neo-psychedelic rock that feels bathed in a hazy holographic sunset.  From the dreamy electric and acoustic guitar arrangements of “In My Hands” to the fiery, electrifying, high-energy rock sounds of “Rock N Roll Life” and “Don’t Get Bit”, each song is delivered with husky, authentic vocals to create a trademark flair, reminiscent of the classic rock-stars of years gone by. 


The first track and lead single of the album, “Smoke In Your Lungs” is a dark, punchy rock track punctuated by Lightning’s signature psych-twang and diverse vocals. 


It’s a break up song essentially,” said Lightning, “There have been millions of them, but it’s an impossible topic to avoid as a songwriter or an artist when you have recently gone through one. It kind of takes a look at the anxiety you feel when an ex is living it up and you’re not around… It was a bit of a ‘don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone’ scenario.”



The music of Beau Lightning, which would feel just as at home on a Western movie soundtrack as it would at a smoky bar-gig, gives nods to bands like Queens Of The Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys and Wolfmother.

Lightning is inspired by California daze, the desert surrounding the city of sin, cowboys, and the moon landing. Eli has been involved in a number of bands and projects from his teens through to his early 20’s. When the band ‘Lucid Dreams’ broke up he realised it was time to go it alone and hone his songwriting skills. After writing his first single “Last Night”, which made it as MTV Upload of the Week and gained praise from Pile Rats, Happy Magazine and Life Without Andy, the concept of Beau Lightning was born.