Words by Peter Cates

My deep space explorer crash-landed on a tropical island only to find aliens and humans dancing together in the daytime as if it’s a Friday night.

That was my initial reaction to hearing Poolside’s “I Feel High” off his super cool album “Low Season.”

Visionary Jeffrey Paradise (appropriate surname) already mastered what has been coined “daytime disco” on the album’s first single, “Can’t Stop Your Loving” featuring silky vocals from Aussie artist Panama – and major Toto vibes – and has doubled down on the tropical grooves with this third LP.

The second single “Around the Sun” is a sleek track perfect for road trips down the coast, followed by “Losing Control” which ever-so-slightly slows down the pace but keeps the dreaminess alive, just in time for the sunset at the end of your journey.

The album’s title track shows off Paradise’s funk guitar prowess amidst an electronic jungle with an ultra-bouncy bass line, describing this as an “organic and human direction” to the music while still remaining rooted in his signature electronic sound.

“Kinda Lovely” brings back Panama’s falsetto vocals that seem to work perfectly on every song, before Poolside, round off the project with another feel-good instrumental “Sunrise Strategies.”

“Low Season” will have you grooving away in a care-free, euphoric state, so much so that you might genuinely believe you’re dancing with aliens on the beach too.