Channel Tres Show Review 19th July 2019

The Gershwin Room, The Esplanade Hotel, St Kilda, Melbourne 

I didn't know a lot about this Compton raised wonder, but after witnessing last nights show at The Espy i'm pretty sure Channel Tres will be hard to avoid in the future.

Deep house beats, smooth R&B vocals, camp disco edits and the most incredible dance moves made this show intoxicating.

Channel kept us waiting but eventually burst onto the stage in skinny jeans, t-shirt, fisherman beanie and a string of pearls.  Enigmatic is an understatement.  

The packed and steamy Gershwin Room was absolutely heaving and the loyal crowd knew every word to "Controller", "Jet Black" and "Sexy Black Timberlake".  His gravity defying dancers were earthy, athletic and really f**king hot. 

Channel treated us to some powerful poetry as well as a cheeky stage dive and one lucky punter snagged a very sweaty towel.  

I have no doubt his show at Splendour over the weekend will be totally epic and if you get the chance to see this guy in action, do what ever it takes to get a ticket.  

A packed out band room this year, next year, an arena show?  Who knows, but i can't wait to find out.   

Written by Zack Anthony Curran

Zack is the Director of Hipland.co