Image by Nick Maguire


Words by Michaela Nolan


Clea’s latest acoustic version of her single, ‘Sugar’, will give you a rhythmic, relaxed, and utterly calming experience. With a soft acoustic guitar, harmonies to die for, and CLEAs angelic voice, you’ll be left with a new definition of tranquillity.


The equally charming music video, filmed by Nick Maguire, ooses indie, homey vibes. That’s probably because it was filmed in Clea’s self-built studio, whom she shares with her partner-in-crime, Alistar Richardson. Richardson also acts as Clea’s producer and features in the music video. Check it out below. 



‘Sugar’ was written during the disastrous Australian bushfires that took place in January this year. It was revealed the catastrophic bushfires affected up to 18.6 million hectares; including wildlife reserves, properties, and devastatingly, human lives.


“I was overcome with emotion and felt the strongest desire to cower and crawl in the corner. It is the nature of humans turning a blind eye to a situation to save oneself of hurt, but in this instance there was truly no way of hiding,” Clea explains.

"It saddens me deeply that it takes for the country to burn and our chests to fill with smoke to truly start to take seriously the issue of climate change and the great stress humans place on this incredible earth. The world is in great pain and the systems in place have failed us, true change is crucial otherwise we can literally kiss it all goodbye,” she continued.


Clea was first recognized in 2016, with her debut single ‘Polyester’. One year later, she released her first EP, Fairweather. Continuing her rising success, Clea won 2019 Song of The Year at the Queensland Music Awards with her single ‘Dreaming’. You can check out ‘Dreaming’ below.



Recently, fans were gifted a live performance form Clea, who sold out The Outpost in Brisbane. Clea, alongside her talented band, performed an engaging, entertaining, and exceptional performance. After the strangeness that engulfed 2020, Clea performed as though she’d never taken a break off stage; with enthusiasm and ease.


The acoustic single, 'Sugar', is a song you can slow dance to, play on your next roadie, or just as easily, drift to sleep to. Its calming vibes, along with its strong lyrics, will give you a new appreciation and respect for acoustic music. As Triple J so adequately put,


“Clea seems to cast a spell over you with her music.”