Having spent the last three years working as a video presenter, Sarah Wolfe has decided it's time to tell her own story.  Introducing her debut track: “Devil U Know”.

The track embraces a classic upbeat pop sound that is brought to life by sensational synths, ringing vocals, and heartfelt lyrics, capturing the trials and tribulations that often surface during the early stages of a burgeoning love.


Devil U Know revolves around the intricacies and vulnerabilities that surface during the first few weeks of falling for someone new. Things are exciting, and scary, and going so fast. It was written with my partner Xavier Dunn in the first few weeks of dating, so listening back to the track gives me this insane sense of hyper-realism,” said Wolfe.

“It’s based off the quote, “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t,” which in the track represents how love and relationships are terrifying, but shutting yourself off because you’ve been hurt in the past isn’t the best option either. You’d rather the devil you know!”


"Devil You Know" was collaboratively written and produced by Xavier Dunn (Jack River, CXLOE, GRAACE, Carmada, Peking Duk).

With a music video, coming in the next two weeks, we can't wait to see what comes next for Sarah Wolfe.


Check out the behind the scenes video below.