Words by Peter Cates
Photo by
 Ivana Martyn-Zyznikow

Penning an open letter to “a dear person” in his life, Melbourne’s Didirri has produced another masterpiece on the breakdown of communication and the weight it places on your shoulders. 

Following his self-reflective single “Blue Mood Rising”, Didirri contemplates all the “Raw Stuff” life throws our way on this beautiful ballad, which will be part of the upcoming Eurovision: Australia Decides contest.

“Raw Stuff” strikes a chord with the listener in a number of ways. Written as a cutting account of the tension that arises when two close friends momentarily lose their connection, the beautiful bushland upon where the corresponding music video was filmed has since been savaged by the devastating fires that hit Australia a month ago – another representation of life and its raw stuff.

Didirri’s strong, bold vocals sit atop an elegant piano and strings backdrop, swirling around as the intensity builds and builds until, in his final breath, he resigns: “I’ll stay quiet now.”

Didirri explains the process of writing such an “emotionally taxing” song: 

Songwriting really helps me express things that I may otherwise be without words to explain. Sometimes a song just speaks to me more than others.”

After a performance as part of the Adelaide Festival in March, Didirri jets off to the States for SXSW and showcases in New York, Los Angeles and Toronto, Canada. Returning in April, Didirri will be commencing his “Raw Stuff Tour” along the east coast of Australia, starting with the Lansdowne in Sydney on Thursday, April 16th.

For a full list of dates and ticket information, visit didirri.com