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New music Fridays are coming in hot today with another fresh release! New Zealand-based electronic-duo SACHI have just dropped their brand new 6-track EP Breakfast With Ella completing their With trilogy series that began in 2016 with their debut EP Lunch With Bianca and continued with 2019’s Nights With Ruby.

'Each project has been a constant evolution of our sound and the SACHI project,' says Will Thomas, one half of the duo. 'So much has changed since we released our first EP, it's been such an amazing journey. For us, each character (Bianca, Ruby, Ella) are all characters the listener can interpret into their own lives.'

Leading with the single 'Falling Backwards' Breakfast With Ella was created remotely during New Zealand’s lockdown and is a reflection of the live music the duo were craving at the time, while also portraying the intense introspection caused by a global pandemic.

Nick Chrisp adds:

We started the EP in Los Angeles in 2019, and finished it in the midst of the global pandemic. The lockdown restrictions on travel and large gatherings were time for introspection for everyone. I found myself reflecting on the community our band has cultivated and how the cornerstone of that community is that physical connection and gathering, and how we could pay homage to that in the EP.  Songs that were about dreams and memories turned into songs about yearning for different times, or being supportive to a loved one.

To celebrate the release of the new EP, the SACHI boys have curated us an EXCLUSIVE list featuring the Top 5 songs they'd listen to while having Breakfast With Ella. Check it out below! 

Top 5 List

Easy Like Sunday Morning - Charles Giving

This is just a great song to start the day. Coffee brewing, windows open type of vibe. I have fond memories of my dad playing this song around the house when I was young on a Sunday morning.

Can't do without you - Caribou

Just an easy listening song to have playing while you munch on some avo on toast. This song has that ‘everything is going to be ok’ vibe. This song also goes well on a road trip to the beach.

Innerbloom - Rufus Du Sol

Such a journey this song is. Waves of so many emotions. I love the euphoric feeling of this tune. The way it gathers momentum and tension and then releases it.

Music Sounds Better with You - Star Dust

The baseline on this one will get you wiggling, as you start the day. Undeniable classic dance tune. This one is a staple in our DJ sets and has been for a long time. Dance floor filler!

Crave You - Flight Facilities

Timeless tune. Will put a smile on your face as you head out the door. I remember blaring this song on a portable speaker at our local beach, parked up with some friends and a couple of tins. A lovely way to experience this song.

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