London-based, Sydney-raised singer-songwriter Ed Wells introduces us to his unique electronic soul sound on his debut EP “Home”.

A vibrant mix of modern soul and R&B, “Home” is a collection of songs of which Ed has reflected on different aspects of modern life, searching for the definition of ‘home’ at every stop on his meandering journey. Showcasing his supreme keyboard talents, the instrumentation across all 5 tracks provides the perfect soundscape for his luscious, husky voice.


For the past several years, Ed has been building his fanbase in London where he currently resides, having recently graduated from Durham University with a law degree. Being surrounded by some of the best neo-soul artists from around the world, such as Brisbane’s Jordan Rakei, London has evidently inspired Ed to produce some of his most impressive work to date.

Besides discovering where home lies, Ed explores topics such as our reliance on technology and ‘future-focussed living’ on tracks “1983” and “GMT”. He describes the focus track “Atlas Love as...

“a simple love song which reflects on the feeling – which I think happens in almost all relationships – when things are so raw, but you know that things are better off with you being apart.”

With the help of supremely talented producer Luke Gerber, Ed has crafted a beautiful body of work that resonates with anyone trying to find their place in the world.

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