Words by Emma Miller


Sunshine Coast indie artist Elle Músa recently released a new single titled ‘Geminis’ and its accompanying music video. ‘Geminis’ is a song inspired by her close friends and family and the zodiac sign they have in common.


This year, Músa has released soft, euphonic new music. In June, Músa released ‘Mango Pops’; a song about mango icy pops on a hot summer’s day. I can’t think of a more relatable song or one that better represents an Australian summer's day. On October 7, Músa released ‘Merman’ alongside ‘Geminis’ – the latter a loving ode to those closest to her. What better way to appreciate those vibrant personalities in your life than by creating a song that embodies the very energy they possess and the admiration they inspire?


Take a look HERE.



About her new single, Músa expresses,


My mum, my partner and a number of my best friends are Geminis. The song was written and recorded into my voice memos in one take, I was sitting on the floor with my guitar looking out at a beautiful view of the old city. The song is about the love I have for these people in my life and how I feel more vibrant and happy when I am with them.The video was filmed last year in Sydney with Claudia Smith, we went to a couple of different beaches on the Sunshine Coast and just let it flow. I hope that when people listen to this song they feel that sense of love they have for their own family and friends and can feel moved by the heartfelt lyrics and melodies.


Elle Músa says she wrote the song in 2018 and that its purpose is to express the love she has for the Geminis in her life. She says, ‘I feel more vibrant and happy when I am with them’. This new single positively reflects this statement with its uplifting tones and affectionate lyrics.


We’re loving Elle Músa’s new releases and can’t wait for more. Check out more of her stuff HERE.