Elli Schoen is letting go of her former self and looking towards a future of growth, love and support with her girl gang as they take over Fremantle in her new music video for her latest pop ode “Baby Face.
Rather than give a visual image of her near-death experience, that found her in hospital during the early hours of New Year’s Day after blacking out in the ocean in the dead of night. Elli chose to slow down and take the time to appreciate life for all it has, her friends for making her who she is today, and focusing towards a brighter more positive future. 

She and her beloved girlfriends run wild throughout their hometown, causing all kinds of mischief in their fave hangout spots, with flashes of old home videos from Elli’s childhood. It’s final goodbye to her once baby-faced self, showing everyone how far she has come and the importance of friendship.

“When I watch the video I literally feel like it’s watching a home video with me and my girls and that’s exactly what we were going for. I can’t wait to watch it when I’m an old lady and think, ‘Wow look at that baby face’.”
After blacking out in the dead of night in the ocean, Fremantle rising star Elli Schoen woke up in hospital on New Year’s Day, grateful to be alive. While traumatic, the experience proved to be a moment of truth and contemplation for the songwriter, eventually marking the catalyst to creating the music she’d always wanted to make.

It was a profound moment of reflection, spurring Elli to write the songs she could never quite express in the past. Her new track “Baby Face” is a summer-ready track with looped vocals and heavier bass – but with the same raw emotionality and piercing lyrics fans have come to love.