Evann McIntosh is just 17 years old and is already making waves in the indi-scene. 

Picking up a guitar at the tender age of nine, Evann spent their childhood nights recording songs in the family living room. Honing their craft ever since, Evann’s music captures a turbulent coming of age tale through their slow burning dreamy sound.  


‘I wrote this song about wanting to see someone in a different light, as a different character other than the love interest,’ they said. ‘It’s about the constant continuation of the same pattern. It’s about trying to force a change that won’t come. You want better and you put in the effort but it’s unreciprocated either way. No commitment and no loss.’

Creative director for the music video Khufu Najee said ‘Like an episode of ‘Friends’ but inside Evann’s world… The music they make has such a timeless feel that shooting on film was important.’ The hazy film clip matches the spacey, heavenly harmonies perfectly, showing Evann gallivanting about a penthouse and bopping to their track through New York City. 



With their wistful take on modern pop and R&B sounds, Evann has already built up a loyal fanbase. Recently featured as an ‘Artist to Watch in Ones to Watch 2021, Evann’s sound transcends their young age. ‘Jenn!fer An!ston’ follows Evann’s self-released body of work MOJO, which embraced and championed aspects of their identity that had previously brought confusion. The collection, recorded in Evann’s bedroom became a digital juggernaut, racking up 31 million streams, in part due to the viral TikTok success of the lead single ‘What Dreams Are Made Of’.

To celebrate the release of Jennifer Aniston we caught up with Evann and asked for a list of ten things we didn't know.  Check it out below!




1. I just bought myself 6 pairs of pants. I usually thrift my clothes because that’s the best way to find affordable vintage shit, and I’ve been trying to find some good pants for MONTHS, nothing. So I bought myself 6 pairs of pants off of the internet. 


2. My favorite pant, I’d have to say, would be either ‘The Marine Straight’ from Zara or ‘The Rib Cage Wide Leg Crop’ by Levi’s, which is the exact same pair of pants with a different name. 


3. The internet says I’m 4’11. It also says I’m 23. I am actually not 4’11. But I buy pants made to be capris on tall people because they are the perfect fit for someone as short as I am. Which is not 4’11.


4. I am 5’3 and a half. I wanted to stop growing at 5’2 all through middle school and high school but I didn’t. I missed by an inch and a half. Now I wish I was taller and I wish I hadn’t wished so bad to be 5’2.


5. I wanted to be 5’2 so bad because Prince was 5’2. Prince would also wear heeled boots to be less 5’2.


6. I live in fear every single day of my life that my 1 good pair of vintage heeled boots will fall apart because they are old and I got them from Goodwill. They’re all I have and no other pair will compare.


7. I looked and the brand that made my favorite pair of heeled boots does not make that boot anymore. 


8. I’m looking for a brand that makes good heeled boots or a place that sells great vintage heeled boots. I’ve been checking Depop for months and nothing has come of my persistent search.


9. I love Depop more than I should, but boy does that bitch eat my cash. Wish she’d reciprocate my feelings.


10. 30% of my Depop purchases never arrive and having to force myself to ask for a refund is thrilling in the worst way possible


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