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New music Friday folks! And we've got another banger for you! Introducing Melbourne-based artist MIZUKI who has just released her addictively colourful new single 'How Far We've Come'.

Says MIZUKI of the track:

'How Far We've Come' is mostly about growth and about recognising how far you've come on your journey. It's my reflection on the moments that have passed by and of the phases and different stages of life.

To celebrate the release of 'How Far We've Come' and to herald the arrival of a new major force in Australian indie-pop, we sat down with MIZUKI to get the scoop on the 10 Things You Didn't Know about the singer. Check it out below!

10 Things You Didn't Know about MIZUKI:

1- I do capoeira and have been doing it for the past 17 years 

2- I snack on ice cubes sometimes 

3- the sun and the beach give me a lot of serotonin 

4- Any temperature above 27 is my favourite 

5- My old housemates gave me a life size cut out of a Russian fighter and he lives in my apartment. His name is Hasbulla 

6- When I was a little kid I wanted to be an opera singer

7- Japanese Enka inspires me a lot and it was a big instigator in finding my voice and love for singing 

8- In high school I memorised all of my essays to an Angus and Julia stone album. The album was called Down The Way

9- I’ve run out of things to say 

10- I have an EP coming out soon

Getting her start posting covers and demos to her Instagram account, MIZUKI originally moved to Melbourne to study fashion design. However, as fate would have it, she soon crossed paths with the ON3 team and the rest is history!

'For me, I’ve always loved music but it didn’t seem like something that I could do,' says MIZUKI. 'I didn’t have a lot of confidence and I didn’t know where to start. After meeting the ON3 guys, it felt natural and exciting because the possibility and opportunity to do something I've always loved to do was right there in front of me!'

You can stream 'How Far We've Come' on all good streaming platforms now!

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