Words by Keane Fletcher

It's new music Fridays folks, and fresh off the release of their energetically retro single 'Piano Girl' Teenage Dads have just dropped their brand new EP entitled Club Echo. Featuring band members Jordy Finlay (vocals/synth/guitar), Vincent Kinna (drums), Angus Christie (bass) and Connor McLaughlin (guitar), the Mornington Peninsula-based quartet describe Club Echo as:

...[looking] at the concept of change and how life continues to move in spite of everything that may be going on in your life: the friendships, the obstacles you face and next chapters...It's like you're looking at these moments 'through a window', like a party you weren't invited to.

Touching on the drudgery of workaday life, missed connections, love and loss, Club Echo is romantic, nostalgic, and bittersweet, capturing the exuberance of Teenage Dads’ influences — the fleet-footed melodies of classic-era Phoenix, the heartache of The Strokes circa-Room On Fire, the sheer weirdness of Brian Wilson at his peak — as well as their own goofy coolness. It’s a little weird and a little different — and very Teenage Dads. And to celebrate its release, we've got a very special 10 Things You Didn't Know About Teenage Dads EXCLUSIVE, fresh from the band themselves. Check it out below! And go stream Club Echo now on all good streaming platforms.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Teenage Dads:

1.       Angus eats incredibly fast

2.       Vinnie eats incredibly slow

3.       We started off without a singer. It was at least a good few months until Jordy, who had never sung before, more or less said 'whatever, I’ll just do it.' The right decision in the end.

4.       Vinnie had never played an instrument before joining the band.

5.       Connor can jump 2 meters in height, vertically.

6.       We can all speak a different language. Can you guess which one?

7.       Connor refuses to play any instrument that is red. Don’t know why.

8.       Our first public show was a 3 hour set. A little bit daunting lol

9.       Angus is a motocross rider on the side

10.   Jordy is really good at mimicking dogs sniffing

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