Words by Keane Fletcher

Last week we had the pleasure of sitting down with the incredible Charlie Wilde to talk all things music, inspiration and what being a modern-day Romantic poet means to him. Wilde also teased the release of his brand-spanking new three-part video series, and I am pleased to tell you that it’s finally here!

Premiering today exclusively on Hipland, we have the first video and title track from the series, ‘Antithesis’. Check it out below!

Directed by Connor Western and shot entirely within the lacquered confines of the North Perth Town Hall, ‘Antithesis’ focuses on dancer Keeley Geier as she becomes the physical embodiment of Wilde’s music. Filmed almost completely in one take (with Wilde and fellow guitarist Lucas Jones lingering just out of frame), the video is a testament to the intimacy and immediacy of both Wilde's songwriting and Western’s direction.

‘What we’re showing with the first vid is a representation of the potential mental fortitude of [someone] who has support networks in place,’ says Wilde. ‘Our dancer Keeley is a manifestation of my health during the series…once we pair [this video with others] in the coming weeks, we’ll get to see it in a new context, one that really captures the tension of not acknowledging your own mental health.’

Geier’s body is finely tuned to the intricacies of this idea, and she delivers a strong, self-assured performance with the odd flash of melancholy rippling underneath. With collaborations like these it's sometimes hard to tell where one artist's inspiration stops and another one's starts, though when the combination is right, the work becomes deeper and richer as a result. And that's exactly what's happened here with the combination of Wilde, Western, Geier and Jones.

‘Antithesis’ the video is another fine addition into the Wilde oeuvre, and we for one can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next week.

Catch the next instalment of Wilde’s ‘Antithesis’ video series next Friday, here exclusively on Hipland.