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Happy Friday everyone! It’s been a while but the blog is back after some good ol’ fashioned R&R and a well deserved Xmas/NY’s/Valentines’ Day(?) break. 

To kick off 2022 in style we’ve got a hot new track from one of Australia’s most exciting rising acts, Brisbane singer-songwriter Hope D, who’s latest single ‘Hate Goodbyes’ channels an off-again-on-again relationship into some true pop-rock ear wormy goodness! Says Hope D on the new track, which follows on success of her debut EP Cash Only and her previous single 'Happy Hangover’:

I wrote ‘Hate Goodbyes’ in 2018 about a relationship that was constantly ending and starting again. It was difficult to come to the realisation that we shouldn’t be together and just call it off completely, but the thought of that final goodbye was so unbearable that we continuously kept the relationship going after it would end. I would come to terms with the reality that we were only together because it was painful not to be, which caused spirals, emotional shut offs, and yet again another breakup.

We’ve alllllll been there girl.

To celebrate the release of the track, Hope D has even curated Hipland an exclusive list of the Top 5 Things She’s Had To Say Goodbye To. Check it out below! And don’t forget to catch Hope D on her national headline tour this April and May, supported by Noah Dillon and Platonic Sex. Tickets and more info available HERE. 

 5 Things Hope D Has Had To Say Goodbye To

1. My first goldfish. That was a tough goodbye because they sadly didn't last long, and I found the toilet flushing pretty morbid. I don't think I've cried like that since. 

2. My bar fridge that I bought for $20 cash off EBAY in 2017. She lasted me 5 years and actually still works fine, but I'm saying goodbye before she explodes or something. It should not have been $20. That is concerning.

3. All of the college/teen movies that I watched and laughed at as a kid. Watching them now makes me so uncomfortable that I found them funny. Definitely a good goodbye, but BleuIgh. 

4. Being able to drink full cream milk. I miss those days but would not cop that for anything now. Also I froth alternative milks and it feels good getting up to milk the almonds every morning. 

5. Of course, my relationships. Specifically my most recent one. The timing of 'Hate Goodbyes' coming out is very wild and ironic for me, but I guess I can see it as being therapeutic and meant to be. Saying goodbye in a relationship is not only saying goodbye to that person, but their family, their/your friends, the memories and rituals that were once so natural and comfortable for you. It's a sad time, but can always see some beauty with the way that you both shared so many incredible things, and as painful as it is, keeping those memories can be so wonderful and makes you who you are. 

Listen to ‘Hate Goodbyes’ on all good streaming platforms now! And check out Hope D’s tour dates below:

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