Words by Keane Fletcher

Folks, the day has come. We’ve arrived. After three weeks of delving into the swoony, poetry-driven world of Charlie Wilde, today marks the final release from his captivating new video series ‘Antithesis’ and thus marks the end of our time with this promising young singer-songwriter. 

Check out 'Interlude' and the combined three-part video series below.

Bridging the gap between the previous videos ‘Antithesis’ and ‘For You #3’, ‘Interlude’ is the connective tissue that binds the series together. Indeed rather than releasing it as a stand-alone clip, Wilde and his team have made the wise decision to join all of the videos together for this final instalment, so we really feel the accumulative impact of all three songs.

As Wilde says:

‘...the interlude is less ambiguous than the other videos as it stands as a pure expression of anxiety, which is why we wanted the other videos to stand up by themselves before the full context was given. I do think that the more accessible context of the interlude is that it speaks to our fragility and how quickly we can fall, highlighting the need for constant support and that in itself is a strength not entirely incomparable to going it alone.'

More expressionist in its leanings, 'Interlude' also does away with dancer Keeley Geier as muse, instead focusing on Wilde himself as he lays himself bare, peeling away his layers of protective armour (his guitar, his glasses) before having his face garishly painted, an outward manifestation of his anxiety.

Now let’s get one thing straight. Charlie Wilde has always been an artist with a gift for self-excavation. Whether addressing complicated notions of love, anxiety, or the fractured nature of the self, his songs have always bristled with a kind of intimate truth, a truth that comes from delving into the depths of his own psyche and bringing up the goods. However, despite this kind of highly personalised material, Wilde himself has been somewhat of an absent figure in his own video series thus far, relegated to background shots and blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearances over Geier’s shoulder. Now, with all the pieces finally in place, Wilde fully establishes his role in the narrative, revealing a new capacity for self-understanding and self-compassion. He is no longer afraid to look his own demons squarely in the eye, and by doing so, makes it easier for us to do the same.

We hope you have enjoyed our exclusive look at Charlie Wilde's three-part video series 'Antithesis'.

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