When one life ends another has already happened.  Fletcher Gull has braved through salt and sun and the naked winter to deliver 'Hypothermia', a song that might have saved his life - ahead of a debut BIGSOUND showcase and a forthcoming EP.

Sleeping under canvas in the sub-zero Rocky Mountains of Canada, '’Hypothermia’ sees the Melbourne based musician reflect upon a glacial night where he sought warmth in song writing.  

“I was so cold I thought I might die, so I had to sit up and try to get my blood flowing any way I could in an attempt to ensure my limbs didn’t fall off." 

After being pushed to his limits, the result is a song which is a personal account that’s layered with warm, uplifting tones, quirky instrumentation and a dizzying bridge, matched alongside Fletcher Gull's unique vocal qualities to deliver an audacious indie-pop song. 

'Hypothermia' was produced and engineered by Gab Strum and Luke Bertoz, mixed by Gab Strum and is from the forthcoming debut EP by Fletcher Gull - Remember That You're Gone.

A residency throughout July at Swamplands in Melbourne and an intimate appearance at Old Bar last night has seen Fletcher Gull and his band debut and refine their live show before an anticipated set of showcases at BIGSOUND in September.