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New Zealand duo Foley have served up a carefree and breezy slice of electro-pop with their new single “Can’t Help The Way”. A bonafide pop bop, the track is overflowing with lush synth layers and an 80’s throwback moment courtesy of the trusty vocoder.

“The song is actually fun and carefree and the way you feel listening to it matches. It shows a lot about our personal lives.” 

Listen to "Can't Help The Way" here!

Whilst in the past, the pair have used upbeat arrangements to contrast a deeper, often sadder and honest lyrical content “Can’t Help The Way” is 100% fun and upbeat from its core.

Underlying the track’s upbeat and carefree summer vibes is a real message of hope and optimism that the duo want to share with their fans. 

“One thing we love about pop music is packaging topics that might be really difficult to discuss in real life, into a format that allows people to come together and sing out,” 

Foley formed in 2017 as the passion project between two best friends, Ash and Gabriel, and that friendship continues to be one of the driving factors behind their effortless and endearing releases. Their songs are crafted together; 50/50, with neither party more important than the other. In a male-dominated industry where female vocalists are often commodified, it’s an important distinction to make.

We caught up with Foley to talk all things music.


meet FOLEY...

Where in the world are you based?

Auckland, New Zealand

How long have you been playing music?

As Foley, about 3 years. But much longer before that, we both had musical upbringings.

Did you study? 

Yep - Ash and I have both been through uni. I did a bachelor of health science and Ash did a double major in economics & music!

Who are some other Bands, DJ's or Producers you think are killing it at the moment?

Too hard to list them all! Benee, Balu Brigada, Wells*, Miss June, CLAYE!

Would you say you have a particular style or genre of music that defines you?
We like to say Millennial Pop. But it's a mixture of Funk, Pop & Indie

Who are are your biggest musical influences?

It's a mix of old funk & indie music for me. Prince, Commodores, The Smiths & The Cribs

What are you listening to at the moment?

There's a whole bunch of stuff at the moment cause of the genre-less way streaming services fire stuff at you - but I'm really loving low-key stuff lately, like Jai Paul, Two Another, Yumi Zouma.

Best gig you you've been to lately?

Ooh really loved seeing Ruel play here a couple weeks ago. But we've been to some really special ones like Ladi 6 & Chelsea Jade recently and those were incredible

What's your favourite venue to play?

We loved playing at the Hollywood Theatre the other month. It's this old movie theatre converted into a venue and it's gorgeous. The stage is on an angle for some reason but it's so much fun to play in

Do you have any trips coming up? 

I’ll most likely pop over to Europe in the coming months, I never like to stay in Australia through the whole of Winter.

Where do you go out to party?

Anywhere the vibe takes us.

Anything else?

Our next single Can't Help The Way is out now, 28th June!

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Written by Zack Anthony Curran

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