Image by April Josey
Words by Gul Kahn


It has been a long time since we’ve had agony, synth, pop, and glitter combined into an anthem that’s fit for your big night out as much as your lonely night in but RavxN’s debut single “Chemical Dreams (Stay With Me) may have achieved just that.  With social restrictions starting to ease, the anthem to transition us from couch to club couldn’t have come at a better time. 



The best way to describe it would be Gothic Glamour meets Sassy Queer, with the newcomer blending his background in theatrical music with a passion for dark synth-pop. 


Whilst upbeat and ‘pop’ it may be, the true meaning of the song is far from that - touching on the highs and lows of substance abuse, but masterfully told with nuance and theatricality. 


The verses delve into despair, with a powerful bass setting the foundations for a smooth and moody vocal. The beat of the song follows the highs and lows of substance abuse, starting from a dark and slow place before the belting chorus kicks in.


“You can take my hand, teach me how to stand, show me how to light the flames again.”


However, the power of the beat begins to fade quickly, mimicking the fading away of drugs and the slow demise and sudden panic it brings with it.  We are left with RavxN whispering a desperate “I don’t want to spend the night alone” before it becomes obvious that is exactly what might happen.


Released today is the dramatic video for the new track.  It's a confronting, haunting, and impactful viewing and listening experience. The song is moving, and the video bittersweet – bringing to life the emotional reality of substance abuse that is particularly rife in LGBTQI communities around the world.



RavxN’s background in the entertainment industry comes as no surprise, given the diverse and eclectic cinematography and styling of the video – haunting, endearing, and energetic all at once.

A fierce advocate for both mental health and Queer rights and spaces, RavxN has also worked with Sydney’s queer community, coordinating live events for Stonewall Hotel as well as other LGBTQI friendly spaces in and around the city. 


Whilst Chemical Dreams (Stay With Me) marks RavxN’s first single, he has a long and commendable musical history and we can't wait to see what comes next.