Words by Gul Khan
Insta: @bygulandam

The world is in a strange place right now – and Taylah Carroll’s latest track “I’m Not Sold” couldn’t have come at a better time to get us through it. Part sultry, and ironically ‘boppy’ – the track uses a melodic beat to describe the misery of a quarter-life crisis – or as we’re all feeling right now – the general malaise of iso life itself.

Equal parts confessional dreamy alt-rock and indie-folk, this third single from the Melbourne based artist reeks of the skepticism, unenthusiasm and complacency we’re all feeling, but with a clever veneer of hopefulness that keeps you hitting repeat. 



Inspired by Tom Waits, Tori Amos, and Radiohead… the tune leaves you with the same nostalgic happiness that could easily be confused for misery. As described by Taylah her self – this feels like a “coming of age story”… “born out of a real fear of failure and a will to dispel the idea that there was a specific path I had to follow.”

And it does that well, without making you feel sorry for yourself. Instead, you bop to what might become your anthem for this strange and confusing time where we are all Taylah and “drink too much coffee, don’t sleep enough”. With producer Tim Harvey (Jade Imagine, Gena Rose Bruce) at its helm, the track juxtaposes this very anxiety we’re feeling with a little bit of self-assuredness to keep us going.

Taylah broke much ground in the Melbourne music scene with this style – her previous singles 'Vermont' and the woozy and dark sophomore, ‘Sometimes Good People Do Bad Things’, gaining national radio airplay and industry attention. Her emotive live performances lead to support slots with Harrison Storm, with whom she toured nationally, Gena Rose Bruce, Boydos, Powderfinger's Darren Middleton and more.

Recorded at Soundpark Studios and accompanied by Jade Imagine as frontwoman Jade McInally on bass, Tim Harvey on lead guitar, and Damian Meoli on drums, this third single from the Melbourne songwriter feels sonically larger and more expressive than its predecessors. 

 “My sister sees through me, I sleep too much, nothing seems to thrill me, am I losing touch? Is this the way it goes?” 

We feel you, Taylah. 

This is the song to get you through your quarter-life crisis… or, well, this strange strange time. 

Taylah will perform a very special live set, direct to fans on Instagram on Friday the 1st of May at 9:00 pm. Tune in @taylahcarrollmusic