Words by Matthew Buckley

Photo by Daniel Hildebrand


Straight off the launch party, Great Gable has released their highly anticipated debut album ‘Tracing Faces.’


‘Tracing Faces’ was written as a reflection of how it feels to be isolated from your love, this track was ‘Beatles-inspired, in the sense, they tell the story in a light-hearted almost optimistic fashion as if this is not the end, just a see you soon.

Check out the debut music video of 'Tracing Faces' teasing the album below.



Guitarist, Matt Preen commented on ‘Tracing Faces’ saying,


‘This song was one we felt that producers Matt Corby and Alex Henriksson would have a lot to add to…Sonically we wanted an old school vintage vibe and they both have such command with those sounds.’    


The Perth based group retreated to a cabin amongst the Karri forests and Chestnut farm in the southwest of WA, where they reflected on their time together from touring over the many years before recording the album at The Music Farm in Byron Bay.


‘Recording at The Music Farm surrounded by nature definitely influenced the overall vibe of the album,’ says bassist Chris Bye of the recording process.  


‘Working with Alex Henriksson and Matt Corby was incredible, they are such legends. They helped us bring out the best in our songs and really inspired us,’ adds drummer Callum Guy.


The album featuring ‘Blur’ which recently claimed the #2 spot for the most played song on triple j. Leading further is another addition to the album ‘All My Friends’ which has quickly gained traction alongside ‘I Wonder,’ their most recent debut LP feels dreamlike, tackling themes of ‘love, heartbreak, and mental health.’