Gold Coast band Greatest Hits have just dropped their brand new single ‘Palm Springs’ alongside an uber cool visual directed by Benjamin Robinson.

Hot off the back of touring with the Donny Benét, the three-piece also announced live headline dates for later this month taking in three shows across New South Wales and a Melbourne performance at The Retreat Hotel.

Lead singer, songwriter and guitarist Ryan Cooper shares his thoughts on the single and how it came to be...

 "Palm Springs is about the illusion that everything works out “supposedly” easily for some people, without them having to try - just relax by the pool with a glass of wine, and success will find you!  On a deeper level, it is my realisation that everyone is figuring out their own struggles, and that most good things just require hard work."

The very colourful ‘Palm Springs’ single artwork was painted by award winning British artist Alan Fears who explains the thought process behind most of his work...

The theme in most of my art revolves around reminding myself, and everybody else, how great and stupid humans can be and therefore how great an stupid life can be.” 


We caught up with the gang from Greatest Hits to find out what songs inspire them.  Check it out below... 

Stay - David Bowie: My favourite Bowie era and album. He was doing everything so well mid 70s and this wistful, longing love song defines that style. He could always conjure up a mood and the music and lyrics are inseparable. It all sounds so cool and he looked so perfect doing it! -Henry


Burning down the house - Talking Heads: All three of us connected so much over the Stop Making Sense movie and album and I think this is always the stand out tune. Big percussion inspiration for sure and if you watch the show the choreography is on point!


Soför Bey - Altin Gün: Something about the crispy vocal production and dialogue in this tune gets me so ready to go. This is big Monday morning motivation. Altin Gun’s drums always sound SO good too.


The Super It - Stereolab: The fact that “Electrically Possessed” is an album of unreleased rarities/b-sides just shows how damn good Stereolab’s catalog is! There are so many great tracks on offer, and “The Super It” is amongst our favourites. 


Stand up - Gordon Koang: Gordon Koang was one of my fav discoveries of 2020. His story is incredible and his music equally so. This particular track just gets in your bones and makes you feel so good. Really hoping to catch him live at some point this year. Check out @gordon.koang and for many treats -Chels


Sunshower - Dr Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band: I think we just found this group because of their outrageous name but once this tune got on the stereo it was on there every day for about a month! Another one that’s all about the drums but that hook is pretty special too.


Don’t Wonder Why - Alice Clark: This album cover is one of my favourites, the simplicity and colours are really what drew me to listen to it. Such a good Sunday cool down album although sometimes it’s a bit much if you’re feeling low. Honest heartbreaking soul, this is good.


Long Promised Road - The Beach Boys: With the year that 2020 was this song speaks to me on so many levels. I think resilience and hard work are two of the most important things we have learnt in the last few years. I love how this song acknowledges how things can feel impossible at times all the while remaining upbeat. Like a little anthem for when you’re having one of those tougher days. 


Freedom - George Michael: This is about as close as I can get to a guilty pleasure. I feel like I have known this song forever but only appreciated recently that as well as being an absolute floor filler it’s George really opening up and letting you know he’s out to do his thing and no one is going to stop him! Henry


I’m Still At It - Vex Ruffin: I was put onto this artist by Shags Chamberlain (who mixed both this, and our track Palm Springs), and fell in love with it immediately. The sonics, and message of this track really resonate with me. -Ryan


Vitamin C - CAN: When we first started doing photo shoots we would feel kind of awkward. So to break the tension we would just put on music and dance. This particular track reminds me of a really fun day we had together when we were shooting for at @purafilmlab and the three of us were just dancing our brains out to it together. -


 ‘Greatest Hits’ Tour Dates

Tickets Available HERE

Saturday April 10 | “Fancy That” The Brightside, Brisbane, QLD
Friday April 23 | Vic On The Park, Sydney, NSW
Saturday April 24 | Parkhouse, Mona Vale, NSW
Sunday April 25 | North Gong, Wollongong, NSW
Saturday May 1 | Retreat Hotel, Melbourne, VIC