Montreal indie psych-rock favourites Half Moon Run are set to beguile listeners yet again with their second single of 2019, “Flesh and Blood”. The song arrives as anticipation builds for their third studio album ‘A Blemish In The Great Light’, with pre-orders now being launched ahead of its release on Friday the 1st of November. 


"I think this album still has the sound people expect from us, balanced with more experimentation," said drummer/multi-instrumentalist Dylan Phillips. "We’ve been diving deep into some styles that we haven’t necessarily explored before. Things get a little heavier, a little harder." 


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The new single “Flesh and Blood” is one of the album’s lighter offerings, folk and blues-influenced in its storytelling and melodic layering. The stunning harmonies and crystal clear lead vocal that Half Moon Run have become famous for are perfectly represented in this track, promising the same unique amalgamation of sounds and influences in the forthcoming album. Fans can also expect a music video for “Flesh and Blood” on Monday September 16th.





Half Moon Run has also expanded their already impressive tour itinerary into 2020, adding another 20 international headline shows. The band have also partnered with PLUS1 once again, so that $1 from every ticket sold will go to Project Peanut Butter (PPB) and the treatment of severe acute malnutrition through effective, locally produced, ready-to-use therapeutic foods.

After a four year break from making music, the bands 2019 return to music has set an exciting tone for what the rest of the year holds, with their track “Then Again” already reaching half a million streams on Spotify.





Half Moon Run arrived like all good bands do, as something several notches further up the scale than merely promising. With an innate understanding of each other’s strengths, and precisely how to explore, harness and deliver on the intelligence and strength of their songwriting, the fever building around their next moves in Canada very quickly filtered out across the US and into Europe, through word of mouth alone. 

Over the course of their first two records, Half Moon Run more than cemented their status as one of Canada’s strongest and most exciting musical exports in years; their debut album, ‘Dark Eyes’, is now a platinum seller in Canada, with their sophomore record ‘The Sun Leads Me On’ achieving gold status.


After a four year break from making music, the bands 2019 return to music set an exciting tone for what the rest of the year holds with their track “Then Again” already reaching half a million streams on Spotify. All four members have spent the time off since ‘Sun Leads Me On’ studying: that is, putting in the work that earns the luck. 

“Basically just re-examining everything we know about how to be a band. It’s a little bit like starting over,” says Molander. “Of course, jamming has changed. But there’s something that’s really the same about it. It reminds me of a relationship, people really change and relationships that last are relationships that evolve.”


An electrifying and exciting live band, Half Moon Run spent many years after their first two releases consistently touring the world, and will return to Europe this year to play their new music to sold out crowds for the first time on these shores in years, celebrating third album ‘A Blemish In The Great Light’. 


“The records are like checkpoints, more than autonomous identities of their own. Whatever we’ve gained as individuals is in service of the band, and of the music,” says Molander.


Check out the full list of tour dates at, which include shows in Bristol, London, Glasgow and Manchester, with London already long since sold out.