Brisbane indie-folk luminaries Hollow Coves have revealed a gorgeously crafted single that glistens with optimism. The track is a perfect taster for their upcoming album “Moments”, which is due for release on 18th October 2019. The duo’s passion for positivity and lightness is reflected in their highly acclaimed brand of indie-folk which blends reflective lyricism and earthy voices in perfect harmony.


Buoyed by sanguine indie-folk hooks and scintillating lyricism “Anew” is Hollow Coves begging us to live for each new day. Pinning the single as their most passionate and definitive release to date, “Anew” is the duo's ode to their fans. After hearing that a fan felt able to fight her battle with depression because of the hope that their music inspired, Matt and Ryan became inspired themselves. Aiming to bring their own optimistic and hopeful outlook on life to the forefront, the boys wrote the new track with the intent to change the perspectives of those who need a touch of brightness.


"‘Anew’ is definitely one of the songs that we are most passionate about on the album. The message of this song is something that we felt we were being called to write about. After our ‘Wanderlust’ EP, we got a message from a young girl telling us that she’d battled major clinical depression for years, and felt completely isolated, hopeless, worthless, and even had thoughts of suicide. But then she heard our music and something in our music touched her and gave her hope again. She told us that it was our music that helped her to overcome those thoughts of suicide and brought her to a better place.

We were absolutely blown away that our music could make such a powerful difference in someone’s life. Hearing that had such a profound impact on us. But soon she became just one of many. As time passed, more and more people from all over the world began to reach out with similar stories of our music helping them through tough times, depression, anxiety & suicidal thoughts. It rattled us; in a good way.  

We’ve heard way too many stories of people taking their lives as a result of depression. The statistics are devastating. Suicide is the number one cause of death for Australians around our age. So we felt compelled to write a song that would aim to speak hope into people’s lives and motivate them to keep going. We wanted to remind people that life has ups and downs. When you feel like you’re at your lowest; there is still hope. Things will get better. Just keep going.



Australian fans will be able to catch the duo live and in person this coming January, as their national tour kicks off on the 16th.