Zack Anthony Curran

Just in time for the weekend Hipland favourite, Holy Holy have just dropped a banger.

How You Been incorporates pop influences alongside a foundation of synth, programmed drums and percussion.   



Tim Carroll and Oscar Dawson lean into their natural talents as storytellers, exploring life’s complexities through the lens of a broken heart.

“It has a lot of the hallmarks of what we do,” Tim says.


“At the core of it, it’s a classic Holy Holy song in the sense that there’s real storytelling. A character based, lyrical theme plays out,” says frontman Tim Carroll. “Then there’s Oscar’s emotive chord progressions that subtly influence the way you feel. They feed into the lyrics. You don’t realise why, but you’re listening to the song and certain emotions come up," he adds.


The single follows on from the urgent and ambitious Port Rd feat. Queen P, who has joined Holy Holy on their east coast tour. With How You Been having existed solely in its studio form until this point, Holy Holy are excited to bring their latest effort to the live realm.

Both Oscar and Tim offer up a sly clue or two of what lies ahead...


“There’s a whole bunch more work that we’ve done. I’m really excited about it. We’re pushing the band in a more kinetic direction” Tim explains. “I’m looking forward to people hearing it.” “We’ve been able to get together in the studio a couple of times since last year’s lockdowns, and that’s proven to us how important our interactions are. We’re making a record that can translate into a live show. It’ll make people dance.” Oscar adds. “Part of this record is about that experience - being isolated from one another - but also, as things open up through 2021, it'll be a celebration of coming back together. Being able to move together. As the world opens up we’re looking forward to being a part of that.” 

We're looking forward to it as well, boys.

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