Words by Lillie Hull  


Jermane Carter is a Sunshine Coast based artist who is looking to become the next big self-made musician.


Carter produces all of his tracks in a home studio and started making music to escape what was going on in his life. 


“If anything, music really saved my life and inspires me to live how I want to.”


Being creative and being one’s, true self is a major part of Jermane’s self-image, and he hopes that through his music he can help others feel comfortable with who they are. It is something that he has dealt with in the past, with being judged by people because of who he is. 


“Don’t fake yourself or be someone else just because you like how someone else acts, 9 times out of 10 everything will work out better if you’re just yourself, and if someone doesn’t like that, don’t associate with them.”


Jermane hopes that he can bring creativity back to music and help people feel comfortable in being themselves. He wants to show people that music is more than just a quick beat and some rhyming lines.


“My music is just about having fun and trying to be creative, whether it’s creating alter egos for my music or hiding deeper meaning in my lyrics, I think it all just really boils down to being based around how I live my life and what paths I’m willing and wanting to take.”


Through his songs you can hear and feel his creative passion and his desire to create something that is truly himself. 




Jermane currently has four songs out with plans to release more soon in the lead up to a full album.


“I can’t wait for people to hear what I have in store and what style and genre mixing I’m going to take in the next few months to a year.”


Check out more of his music on spotify and follow his instagram to stay tuned for what he has planned next.