Words by Lillie Hull


Karl Bee is a podcaster with a big smile and a huge vision based on the Sunny Coast in Queensland.  After spending a few minutes in with him it's clear his passion and vision will take him really far.  Like all of us, covid flipped his life and his new podcast "Inside The Mind Of" was born.


“I started my podcast because I felt inspired to take a risk. I was always so envious of people that I saw living out their dreams and passions and the only answer I could come up with when trying to answer the question “what is my passion?” was my interest, curiosity and love for people.”




Karl thought that there was no-one in Australia that was making a real effort to speak to people who have unique or amazing stories and brains, he wanted to be the first person to share these stories with the world.


Branching out and creating a podcast felt like a huge risk, having never done anything like this before and like any creative pursuit, it turns out it's really hard.  


“Perhaps if I knew the reality, I might’ve never started so I’m grateful for that.... I’m as busy as I’ve ever been but I have the big picture in mind and my love for listening to different stories is keeping me going.”


When getting ready for a new episode he likes to have a good idea of who he is speaking with.


“I’m quite picky with who I reach out to, I want to make sure that the person I’m talking to is someone I share values with and is someone I’m genuinely curious about,” he says.


While questions are important, Karl also likes to prepare general topics that he wants to cover. He has found that if he over-prepares for conversations that it takes away from the natural flow. It is most important to be present in each conversation and let it move where it does.


One of his favourite aspects of the podcast is being able to talk to all different types of people and learn from them.


“I’m not a great learner, I naturally look for shortcuts, struggle to pay attention to things for long periods and it’s a big effort for me to read. I love learning from the discussions I’m having. I’m able to understand and experience all different types of points of views that I would never have had the opportunity to understand if I didn’t start this journey.”


Through this he has met and learnt from many great people, loving all of them for so many different reasons, some of his favourite interviews have been with his best friend Bryce Wilson, who grew up to practice Buddhism, has travelled the world and lived in caves in the Blue Mountains.


“Chris Byrnes is another stand out, he’s the world’s fastest wing suit base jumper and has such an electric personality, some of the stories and lessons he shared were incredible. Lastly, I was lucky enough to sit down with AFL legend Jason Akermanis, I used to idolise this man growing up, try to play footy like he did, I even dyed my hair blonde, he’s such a character and I couldn’t stop laughing while talking to him.”


When asked about interviewing people whether they be dead or alive, Karl had a few names that he would love to talk to. Joe Rogan was one, along with “Steve Irwin, a bloody Australian icon and someone who has influenced so many whilst being his genuine self.”


I have no doubt Karl will keep building his podcast empire.  These things take time, but luckily, there is no rush and certainly no shortage of guests to interview about awesome stuff.  He hopes that this podcast will help people on ways they can improve themselves.

“I’m trying to do this myself while talking to these amazing people. I’m so far from perfect and if I can achieve what I have so far, anyone can achieve anything they set their minds to.”


 I asked Karl what his biggest lesson has been so far: 


“Every single guest I’ve had on has shared this message: If you have something that you think about every day, take the first bloody step. Just go for it. No matter how small the step is, you’ll be surprised at what doors will open. What would you prefer? To live a life always wondering? Or to take a risk and at absolute worst case learn something new or at best case change your life forever?”


You can listen to Karl’s podcast in all usual places and be sure to check out his Youtube , IG & Website