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2019 has been a massive year for brothers Louis and Oli Leimbach, better known as Lime Cordiale.  This cruisey surf-rock duo is seeing out the year with a set at Woodford Folk Festival in the Queensland Hinterland.

Hailing from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, the band who are responsible for delivering us glorious hook-laden jams such as Dirt Cheap (which landed at #86 in triple j’s Hottest 100 in 2018), Money and most recently their latest single Inappropriate Behaviour.  

We caught up with Oliver Leimbach from Lime Cordiale ahead of his upcoming spot at the dreamy Woodford Folk Festival.


Where in the world are you based?
Sydney, Australia

How long have you been playing music?
Since we were about 8 years. But Lime Cordiale has existed for nearly 10 years.
Did you study?
Sydney Conservatorium of Music.
Would you say you have a particular style or genre of music that defines you?
We're always inspired by World music. You often hear a strange melody or chord that you can apply to your own stuff later.
Love the video for Robbery. It's such a great track. How did the concept for the video come about?
We were on tour in Europe and needed a music video to be finished before the tour was finished. Jack Shepherd and I came up with this story that'd work with just a little bit of filming in each city.
Is it true you just signed a deal with Post Malone? How did that come about?
A girl up in Brisbane showed Posty’s manager one of our songs at their afterparty in Brisbane. It just went from there… now they’re co-managing us. We’ve hung out a few times with Posty and done a few shows in the US. We’re heading over at the beginning of 2020 to see everyone and get planning on a few things. Pretty insane stuff.
Who are your biggest musical influences?
The Beatles are just the best thing that's ever happened and are always inspiring us. But we pull a lot of inspiration from new shit too. Recently from The Growlers, Rex Orange County, Tom Misch and Dirty Art Club.
What are you listening to at the moment?
We’ve been digging some locals such as Benee, Winston Surfshirt, Teenage Dads, Approachable Members Of Your Local Community, Eagle Eye Jones and we’ve been listening to a lot of Michael Kiwanuka, The Growlers and The Tesky Brothers. Our Top Spotify doesn’t really answer it for us because our most played tracks are vocal warm-ups. 
Who are some other bands, DJ's or Producers you think are killing it at the moment?
It's pretty amazing to watch what's happening to Tones and I. I don't think I've ever seen an artist blow up so quickly. Everything our producer, Dave Hammer, touches seems to be pretty golden and he'll be releasing his own music soon so look out for it!
What's your favourite venue to play?
There are some beautiful venues in Australia. The Enmore in Sydney, The Astor in Perth, Thebarton in Adelaide. I love those old theatres. Stunning.
Do you go out to party?
Definitely love to. It sometimes takes a toll if we're playing every night for months. And you can lose your voice from all the yelling. Support bands are in the best position to party because the venue doesn't close as soon as they finish their set!
Anything else?
Our new single Addicted To The Sunshine will be out at the end of January!

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