Words by Matthew Buckley

Introducing the Melbourne/ Perth based band, The Plant Society. Their Latest single 'Red Herring' takes a look into cancel culture and groupthink mentality.

Through their lo-fi synth pop home produced music and video clips, The Plant Society, through GarageBand mixed on AKG headphones and a car stereo system, are producing tracks in the hopes of seeing them come out sounding like some thrown away demo cassette’s you find in a garage sale.

The Plant Society are set to hit the digital stage for November 2020, and will be performing at 56Kassingles Festival in 2021, and have been a part of a team trying to bring Summerfiesta Lagos to Belgrade in the future.

First and foremost where are you based?
Melbourne and Perth

Why Plant Society?
We ganked it from a plant shop/airbnb called The Plant Society that we stayed at in Sydney when we went to see Solange.

How would you describe your sound?
Garage band, too many layers, synths on synths, Burkina Faso drum teachings, reverb, accidental noise, music that your grandparents would like if their hearing aids aren’t working.

What inspires you when you write music? And do these influences inspire you in other aspects of your life?
The book Rich Dad Poor Dad, and the concept of working for free for the things you are passionate about. Also trying to get reowned by my family and society because I tried to enter a magazine art competition, missed the deadline, tried to enter a different way but instead had some old lady write a song about how much of a loser I am, so I had to ditch art and make music to restore my dignity.

Yeah when you’re publicly shamed it's hard to keep a normal job so you have to do things differently. 

We’re in love with your latest single ‘Red Herring.’ Could you tell us where the idea came from? 
Kerry James Marshall, Roseanne Barr, 2020, mercury in my teeth and probably mercury in gatorade or fluoride.

Would you say you have a particular style or genre of music that defines you?
Elektronik supersonik synth unpop music, like Zlad!

What message are you hoping to share through your music?

That anyone can do this, but you probably shouldn’t, just get a real job, but also failure can be fuel for success, get cancelled, it’ll take you places and follow The Plant Society on all Social Media especially Spotify because my friends and family won’t.

What would be your dream collaboration?
Nikola Tesla, myself in 5 years time like in Bill and Ted face the music, Thundercat and Cybotron (Australian 70s band).

Anything else?
Everything else.

Below is a curated playlist of The Plant Society's making. Highlighting the influential artists that have been the building blocks for the band. Check it out!