Words by Keane Fletcher
Photo by Blake Lisk

Summer is well and truly on its way and with it a whole smorgasbord of new sun-soaked singles! First cab off the rank South Coast bedroom producer ioakim, who follows his smash debut 'tongue tied' with another nostalgic dream-pop gem 'swimming pools'.

'swimming pools' is about capturing the ultimate summer nostalgia. Written last year, it explores themes of love and relationships, encompassing the blissful feeling of being with someone you love. This wasn’t a literal theme for me, it was more an exaggerated/dreamt up feeling that lived in the back of my mind. 'swimming pools' was a way for me to look forward to summer with friends after a long winter of lockdowns.

And he's even dropped a new music video to go with it! Released via Arcadia Records, the video sees ioakim singing and playing guitar underwater in a swimming pool (of course!) and is the perfect accompaniment to a day spent sipping gin & tonics by your nearest body of water. That's right folks, the time has finally come for us to shake the cobwebs off of our lockdown bods and get into some bikinis! To get us even further into the summer spirit, ioakim has even put together his list of what makes the ultimate summer below:

ioakim’s summer list:

- windows down, music blaring, Phoenix on repeat

- minimum 30 degrees, in and out of the water

- nowhere to be except somewhere outside, work can wait

- ice lattes on TAP, always !

- a 5 star menu consisting of an alcoholic beverage of choice + a perri chicken crust pizza on the beach at sunset, ( don’t forget to add avo on top )

- an endless run of good waves, preferably right handers

- friends !

- late nights + early mornings 

- live music , every damn night

Go stream 'swimming pools' on all good streaming platforms now!

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