Following the release of their 2018 EP “A Lesson in Regression”, 2019 now sees Sydney indie-pop band Blue Velvet entering a new chapter of their musical ventures, full of life, love and optimism. Their new single, “It’s All Gravy” is out now, and is an unashamedly joyful anthem sporting the lax lyrical nostalgia of 90s punk rock, paired with undeniably 80s sonics. 

Featuring a groovy synth riff and lead singer Samuel Bauermeister’s trademark sunny vocals, “It’s All Gravy” (at face value) encourages the listener to let go of life’s mundane problems. Trapped at work on a Sunday morning? “It’s not that complicated.” Hungover before an important appointment? “It's all gravy baby.”


“‘It’s All Gravy’ is a reflection of my weird, morbid curiosity around conspiracy theorists and alien hunters who live inside their own bubble,” said Samuel Bauermeister. “I’ve always been fascinated about what goes on in their heads and wanted to try and live vicariously through them. It’s a song about living inside your own thoughts and filtering out all the other noise around you and being so adamant you’ve been right all along. We really wanted to create the personification of an extreme conspiracy theory in song form which gave the song so much character and ended in me realising I have a scary amount in common with them.” 


Listen to "It's all Gravy" here!

Blue Velvet have quickly made a name for themselves by channelling their inner goof to shape a unique, cacophonous sound. Triple J’s Declan Byrne has described it as “the type of punk that gives you a big blast of life”. 

However, after making huge waves in the local scene the band’s progression saw a transition from the elements of their emo roots, into a brighter sound which leans into indie-pop more than rock. Following this evolution in 2018, Music Feeds dubbed the band “a well-fed pokemon” after releasing EP “A Lesson In Regression”. The EP saw the band supporting the likes of Luca Brasi, Dear Seattle, Turnover (US), West Thebarton & Press Club.

Bounding into 2019 with a newfound optimism and the loose energy of single “Soggy Cereal”, the three-piece won a triple j Unearthed competition to produce a music video with the National Institute of Dramatic Arts to be aired on RAGE. This honour saw the creation of the music video for “It’s All Gravy”, which is set to be premiered in October.

“The entire recording process for "It’s All Gravy" was insanely fulfilling for us,” said guitarist Brendan Iredale. “We really wanted to challenge ourselves this time around when it came to defining who Blue Velvet really is and we were all really excited to take that next step in shaping who we are as a band. We just really wanted to release a track that was a mirror image of the people that we are and we really think we achieved that.”