Meet Jackson Blythe.  This guys style is taking the Perth streets by storm.  I love his look but also his vibe.  Such a nice guy and i can't wait to see what comes next. 


"I'm heavily influenced by Korean street style, but who knows how long I will do that for before I notice another shiny object."

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THIS IS Jackson Blythe

Where in the world are you based?

I live in the capital city of Western Australia, Perth. It doesn't exactly have a cool ring to it like most places but it has treated me well. 

Where did you grow up?

4 hours south of Perth in a little country town called Pemberton. It allowed me to be a kid when I was young and helped me develop a mindset for always wanting more when I finally got the fuck out. HAHA nar I love the country.

Did you study?

In the latter years of my secondary education I developed an interest in health science and understanding the human body. I applied for a position at Curtin University of Technology here in Perth, studying Laboratory Medicine. 4 years on and a shit tonne of hard work, I've got a nice little Bachelor of science certificate. Unfortunately my level of interest in science has been replaced but it's more about doing what you love right? 

Would you say you have a particular style that defines you?

My spur of the moment decision to focus more of my time into fashion and business after 4 years of study In science says a lot about how I think and do things. Although all my decisions are educated, I make certain that what I'm doing I am passionate about so that the results I get from what I do excite and motivate me.

Fashion Is always changing and my mind on what I like and what motivates me is always changing. I think it's no lie I'm heavily influenced by Korean street style, but who knows how long I will do that for before I notice another shiny object.

Who are are your biggest style influences?

Here goes the big plugs, your welcome... @Brorkone, @jigeumyeogi, @davinzgarcia, @callummullin, @gullyguyleo, @glebkostin, @sashadidntwakeup, @michaelmonten, @melovemealot and of course @alvssa_. Honestly the list goes onnnnnn and is always changing but right now these guys are killing it. Some inspire my fashion and others, I genuinely admire their creative approach to instagram content. 

What brands do you love at the moment?

Absolutely would neck for Ader Error, Stone island, Awende, Prada and Dior. To some, listing those bigger brands may seem like a cop out but you cannot deny their creative direction. 

Who are some other instagramers/general cool kids you think are killing it?

My style influencers are the ones killing the game. I only take my inspiration from the best, they are the ones killing it. If I've spoken to you on my instagram and at any point mentioned I love what you're doing you're also included in this, you know who you are. 

What are you listening to?

Music wise Ive always loved Dubstep, Drum and Bass, House and Hip Hop. Right now Im listening to a lot of Fox Stevenson, Tyga, Zomboy, Spag Heddy and Joyryde. Otherwise it's the good old business podcasts because I'm an old bitch in a young guys body. I need to keep the mind active now I'm out of University. 

Best gig you've been to lately?

Spag Heddy. Honestly though, no one comes to Perth so I cant say I have much of selection to go from. 

Do you have any trips coming up?

I've got New York and L.A. coming up soon and Japan in July hopefully. Depending on what I'm doing maybe get out to London at the end of the year. If you live in those places hit me up! 

Where do you go out to party?

It's all work for me, I don't usually go out much. House parties are always a mood for getting buckled though. 

Do you have a favourite club or bar?

Maybe when I started going out, now it's just wherever the bois decide to smash some pints. Do many people have a favourite club? 

Anything else?

I have some huge, I mean huge projects coming along. Growing up there was two things I wanted to do and they are help people when I had the knowledge and resources to do so and always to redo my bloody wardrobe. I cannot stress how much I always wanted to redo my wardrobe or get someone that knows what they are doing to help me choose things that are affordable, wearable on trend. I never had the opportunity or the money but it was something I always wish I could've done. I know so many people out there feel the same, I've spoken to them and maybe you're reading this thinking I fucking need that! Times have changed, work has been done and now, I have the opportunity to do both. All I can say is make sure to stay active on the Instagram and soon... more. 

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Written by Zack Anthony Curran

Zack is the Director of Hipland.co




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