We caught up with Jacopo the Goth Angel.  This kid form Venice, Italy has killer style.  Check him out and give him a follow.

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THIS IS jacopo

Where in the world are you based?

Venice, Italy.

Did you study? 

Yes I’m studying and probably I wanna be a doctor in the future

Would you say you have a particular style that defines you?

I don’t have a particular genre, most of my items are streetwear but I also mix different genres on my outfits. I really enjoy to wear customs made by me or by my girlfriend.

Who are are your biggest style influences?

Travis Scott, A$ap Rocky, Lil Peep

What brands do you love?

I really love Heron Preston

Who are some other instagramers/influencers/general cool kids you think are killing it at the moment?

I dunno, I don’t follow big influencers. But I really like @slydeofficial page 

What are you listening to?

I really enjoy listening to emo rap right now and sometimes trap music

Best gig you've been to lately?

For now i’ve Never been to a good gig, but this summer i’m going to see Gothboiclique and A$ap Rocky in Milan

Do you have any trips coming up? 

Yes, to New York

Where do you go out to party?

I don’t like parties, I prefer to stay at home, chilling, eating some popcorn and watching a good film or anime

Do you have a favourite club or bar?

Nope, they are pretty much the same for me

Anything else?

Shoutout to my beautiful girlfriend @bianca.lill She improved my style a lot I love her so much 💖

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