Words by Keane Fletcher

Brisbane-based Jake Gaynor is an up and coming musician with something to say. Tackling issues like self-belief, fatherhood and overcoming adversity, his new single 'Hardship' combines catchy summer hip-hop with a powerful message. 

‘I’ve been knocked down a lot throughout my life but I've always come back stronger and wiser. Learning lessons in the process. Hardship is about that, getting knocked down and coming back.’

Having just dropped the official video for the single, ‘Hardship’ is the perfect track for those who like their hip-hop with a healthy dose of introspection. Beach vibes with a touch of masculine vulnerabilty - who could ask for anything more?

We recently caught up with Gaynor to talk all things music and inspo, check it out below.

1- Where in the world are you based?

I was born in Tasmania, but I'm based in Brisbane, Australia.

2- How would you describe your sound?

Raw. Hard hitting, sometimes with a soft touch. I display confidence but some days I’m vulnerable.

3- What inspires you when you write music? And do these influences inspire you in other aspects of your life?

What inspires me is the fact that I have the ability to share my story, with the world. Some songs are vulnerable, telling my story about my life and what I've been through. Then on some other songs I'm confident, telling you what I'm gonna do and how no one can tell me different. I also like to let people know that you can BE and DO anything you want. Of course, those things are heavily influenced throughout my life, as music is my life. Everyday this doesn't stop.

I'm inspired by having the ability to do that.

4- We’re in love with your latest single ‘Hardship.’ Could you tell us the idea behind it? 

Thanks so much! I’ve been knocked down a lot throughout my life but I've always come back stronger and wiser. Learning lessons in the process. 

‘Hardship’ is about that, getting knocked down and coming back. Having no shame when taking a fall, feeling proud showing your scars and working hard for YOU and YOURS!

5- Would you say you have a particular style or genre of music that defines you? 

Definitely Hip Hop/Rap. I try to be versatile, you will see me change things up from time to time for sure. I always have to be creative and try new things.  

6- What message are you hoping to share through your music? 

My message is simple. You can be anything you want to be and that's a fact jack. Dream big and don't let the haters stop you from doing so. If I can do it, so can you. I had to teach myself all about this music stuff and I'm still learning.

If you really love something and have a passion for it, don't give up on it. Keep on working and stay true to yourself.

7- What would be your dream collaboration?

A dream collaboration for me would be from Machine Gun Kelly. Dream collaboration with a producer would be DJ Mustard.

8- Anything else?

Be sure to check out the music video to my latest single ‘Hardship’. It just dropped on Youtube. ‘Hardship’ on all streaming platforms also.

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