Photo Credit: Kate Williams
Words by Zack Anthony Curran


I can't tell you how refreshing it is to have come across Jason Winston.  His storytelling through music is incredibly clear, which shouldn't be surprising given his time at the elite Sydney Drama School, NIDA. 

Winston is an artist who is boldly carving his own path in a difficult and conservative time.  I'm looking at you, Sydney. 

It's not easy to do what he's doing.  We need people like Jason to set the example that it's ok to be that "weird", sexual & curious version of yourself that you keep inside.  It's imperative for young people to be able to look up to artists and leaders and see them expressing themselves.

I personally would love to see more stuff like this in mainstream media and I can't wait to see what else is in the pipeline for this exciting artist.

I caught up with Winston to chat about his new track "All In."


Where in the world are you based?

How long have you been playing music?

four years or so, but started thinking about actually releasing songs in the last two

Did you study?

Nope, but I studied Acting at NIDA in 2013

Would you say you have a particular style or genre of music that defines you?

Alt-pop, electronic-pop, dream-pop, so I guess pop

You describe yourself as a Queer Artist.  What was the journey like to land at this point in your career?

The music came at a time of change for me. I used it to help me celebrate what I was feeling in this newfound relationship and used it as a tool to further understand myself. Music and my queerness intersect at a point of exploration. Both I like to feel out and see what I'm being drawn to, and then reflect after. Thinking too much about either for me can be stifling.

Your latest track "All In" is super honest.  It's not easy.  Where did that bravery come from?

Yeah, I knew I wanted to be honest, so that's heaven that it came across because you never can tell. I think if I thought I was being anything synonymous with "brave" I would've been self-conscious. Like before, feel out and then reflect. I feel emboldened by the guy I was when I wrote it.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

SZA, Frank Ocean, James Blake- top 3 for sure, can do no wrong. I'm not so much going for their sounds, but they have all changed how I understand music.

What are you listening to at the moment?

(opens Spotify) RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT, my Spotify is on Adore You by Harry Styles which is stopped at about 2.07 cause I got distracted. I've never played one of his songs on Spotify until today pre-writing this so it's not really an accurate rep of my taste. Songs I love at the moment, Something has to change- The Japanese House (a bop to get you in your feelings), NobodyLikeYou- Winston Surfshirt (It's effortless), Rainbow Dragon-Keiynan Lonsdale (the video sticks with you. Shine on), Rabbit Hole by CamelPhat (dream dancer)

Best gig you've been to lately?

ooooooo went to Nils Frahm last week at the Opera House. I was ignorant to the brilliance and was transported

Who are some other bands, DJ's or Producers you think are killing it at the moment?

I heard DJ Seinfeld play a great set on Triple J last week, I'm loving new music from my friend KYVA and OKENYO's always inspiring with what she creates.

Do you go out to party?
Yes. Dance to reset.