Words by Clare McGhee

Images by Isabelle Campbell


In the heart of the hinterland on the Sunshine Coast, Isabelle Campbell and her mother are hand crafting soft, feminine garments. Buying a vintage Laura Ashely dress is what started it all, ‘I wanted to wear dresses like it every day but found them very hard to get my hands on. My mother and I talked about creating a feminine, puffy sleeve dress and used a vintage sheet, she handmade it for me’ said Isabelle. That is now the ‘Picnic Dress’ a staple silhouette in the Jolie Femme Collection.



Inspired by vintage sleepwear, Jolie Femme is breaking ground slowly by giving classic bed linens a second life, creating pieces that are made to last and reduce the need for fast fashion.



After working in the fashion industry for years, Isabelle decided to work for herself, changing the way the world consumes clothing. ‘I’ve seen and read so much about the dark side of the industry, the waste, the unfair labour, impact on the environment.’ Isabelle said she doesn’t want this to be the norm when it comes to being passionate about fashion. With more sustainable and ethical brands being founded and better education surrounding ethical fashion, Isabelle is hopeful the future of the industry is slowing down. Crafting high quality pieces from recycled materials is rewarding said Isabelle.


‘I love the creativity behind it, but also knowing that each Jolie Femme piece has not impacted the environment in a negative way… they’ve been handmade with so much care and can be loved for generations.’



Using recycled linen bedding and other natural fibres, Jolie Femme is a no waste brand creating smocks and sets for those who love to feel soft and feminine but live a practical life. The no waste brand also gives the opportunity for size inclusivity with amendments to style and pieces made to order, the originality of the fabrics means every piece is uniquely crafted. Jolie Femme recently got a van, so up next for the team is a travelling market later this year.

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