Words by Matthew Buckley

Image by Brooke Ashley Barone


Julia Stone has released ‘Unreal’ off the back of her other recent track ‘Break’, cementing Stones return to the music scene. ‘Unreal’ sees Stone interweave a seemingly bright and sweet friendship which hides the darker meaning beneath. It retells the experience of feeling alienated in a relationship.


Created alongside collaborator and producer Thomas Bartlett, Stone noted the track sat on the border between darkness and delight and is only a taste of a greater body of work still to come.


Julia teamed up with Aussie actor Damon Herriman for the video, directed by Bonnie Moir on Sydney’s Coogee Beach. Creepy yet wonderful, the performances from Stone and her co-star depict a heart-wrenching story of love, loss and memory set in a futuristic world where Stone is brought back as a clone after her love is unable to let go.





Julia Stone is marked to make her return to the live stage later this year. With talk of live shows almost a distant memory, it is Stone’s intention to bring the music-loving community together again -  a refreshing ideal during these uncertain times. Amid much uncertainty surrounding live shows, Stone has held firm announcing fans will have the chance to see her perform live across two intimate shows at Sydney’s Factory Theatre on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th of November.


Julia Stone is back and we are pleased.  Reimagined and reinvigorated, ‘Break’ and ‘Unreal’ mark a new era for Julia Stone as she invites us into her brand-new world.

Check out ‘Unreal’ below!