Words by Keane Fletcher

It's new music Friday folks, and just as well too because your favourite family-friendly indie troubadours Approachable Members Of Your Local Community have just dropped their latest single, 'Just Say It', a motivational ear worm that will have you bopping into the weekend, and the band's first song to feature new member Sage Mellet taking the lead on vocals.

Says the band:

In this interconnected world, with computers and the NBN, one thing is clear to the Members: now is the time for the nimble communicator; the reformist collaborator. Don’t bottle things up. Just say how you feel. We can change, and quickly – what we do, who we see, what we care about. But how do you keep your friends along for the journey? When people start to feel insecure in a relationship and turn things over in their head, things can get out of hand. 'Just Say It’ is about that tension – and breaking through it, the only way the Community knows how: honest and open communication.

It's been a big week for AMOYLC. Not only have they also dropped an accompanying music video for the song (check it out below) they have also added new tour dates to their recently rescheduled East Coast February 2022 tour with three new shows in Geelong, Sydney and Wollongong being added to the already announced Melbourne and Brisbane shows. You can check out all the information here and go stream 'Just Say It' now on all good streaming platforms!

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