Katie the Kitsch Queen

Instagram: @princesskte

I caught up with the spicy-cute and kitsch AF Katie before she heads off on her overseas adventure.

I came across Katie on insta and just had to reach out do a feature on this cheeky rave-godess.  Her unique style is mouth watering and Berlin, you better watch out because she is coming for you.

"In 2018 my New Years resolution was to buy no new clothes. Everything I bought was second hand from op shops or through apps like Depop! I’ve continued it this year, as it was a fun challenge, a great way to find unique pieces, sustainable and as an added bonus most of the money goes to charity through op shops."

Who are are your biggest style influences?
Bratz dolls probably haha.
What brands do you love at the moment?

I am GIA is really funky

Who are some other instagramers/influencers/general cool kids you think are killing it at the moment?

What are you listening to at the moment?

Rufus (obviously).  Also been listening to some classics after going to the red hot summer tour with my dad a couple of weeks ago - John Farnham, Dragon, Jon Stevens (INXS) etc

Best gig you you've been to lately?

Seeing John Farnham was pretty fun! Before that it would have to be seeing some of my favourite Melbourne DJs at Rainbow Serpent Festival (Brain Fantana, Market memories and The journey)

Do you have any trips coming up?

I’m heading to Berlin and Amsterdam in June, and hoping to score tickets to Glastonbury too.

Where do you go out to party?

Revolver and Pawn and co are my go to places in Melbourne. In Sydney SASH by day at Greenwood is usually a good time!

Do you have a favourite club or bar?

Jungleboy in Melbourne is a cool spot for a drink.  It’s a little tiki bar you enter through the fridge of a sub shop. My favourite place to drink before heading out would have to be any Thai place that does BYO haha, always a fun time.

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Instagram: @princesskte

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