Words by Matthew Buckley
LennoxLTK the hip hop legend from Queanbeyan, NSW, is ‘Blazed and Strange kicking it through your sound waves.’ We recently got to catch up with him and find out about his new single coming soon ‘Me and My Big Mouth’ as well as checking out the music video behind his most popular track ‘Yeh Yup.’
What made you decide on LennoxLTK?
It's a name that was given to me when I use to dance and krump, it also has a meaning of "quiet child of love" but I'm also loud and rowdy and like how it contradicts itself haha. 
How would you describe your sound?
I’d say my sound is a mashup up of anger, thought provoking but then wanting to party all the time, but I'm always trying to better myself as artist and create something different and new.


What inspires you when you write music? And do these influences inspire you in other aspects of your life?
It depends on the day and when I'm writing that Influences what comes out. Some days I might just be having a great day and think of a song that would sound cool if you where at a festival or concert, or some days something might trigger me to write something deeper and meaningful that maybe someone can relate to and help them if they're in the same situation or mood.
We hear you have a new single on the way ‘Me & My Big Mouth.' Could you tell us more about it? 
Me and My Big Mouth is an EP I'm working on, the main reason it's going to be called that is because I basically can't shut my big mouth haha I'm forever rapping or talking about something. 
Would you say you have a particular style or genre of music that defines you?
I'll always be a hip-hop kid, but I just want to make music at the same time so I'm not afraid to try new avenues.
Biggest Musical Influences?
I can't narrow it down to just one there are a lot of them, I'm still finding new music artists that influence me every day.
What message are you hoping to share through your music?
I'm just trying share my thoughts and views with the world and to let listeners know that it's okay to be yourself even if people don't like it. And for the deeper part that not all the time you are by yourself. There is always somebody out there that has the same ideas and might be going through a situation similar to yourself, we are all here to experience and enjoy being able to live life. 
What would be your dream collaboration?
Off the top of my head I’d definitely have to say Run The Jewels, or Suicide Boys, that would be hectic! 

Check out LennoxLTK below!